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Green Promise Farms™

Ostrich Fern

Ostrich Fern

Matteuccia struthiopteris

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Brand: Green Promise Farms™

Color: Green Shades


  • Upright, vase-shaped form
  • Soft and delicate green-grey fronds
  • Deer and Rabbit resistant
  • Resembles a small palm tree at times
  • Provide bird cover
  • Thrives in shade but does equally well in sun if provided with moisture

Details: Regal in its upright, vase shaped form, Ostrich Fern provides a commanding presence in the American Beauties garden. With its soft, green-gray, delicate fronds, this plant also introduces a touch ability factor to a wide range of landscape locations from shade to sun. It prefers moist well-drained soil and thrives in shade but will be equally stunning in a sunny location if given a lot of moisture, like that available from a pond side or water garden side planting. Ostrich Fern almost looks like a small palm tree at times and its vase forming stems provide needed bird cover whether planted in sun or shade.

Growing Tips: Thrives in a rich evenly moist soil and loves dappled sunlight to shade. Avoid areas under water robbing trees that will dry the soil too much.

Product Information
Growing Habit ["Upright"]
Critter Resistance ["Deer Resistant","Rabbit Resistant"]
Foliage Color ["Dark Green"]
Spread 3-4 in
Height 4-6 in
USDA Zone ["3","4","5","6","7"]
Genus Matteuccia
Brand Green Promise Farms™
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