The Very Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

The Very Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Have a plant lover in your life who needs a gift this season?

Plant-related gifts that support their passion are the perfect way to go, whether your family member or friend loves indoor greenery, intricate landscaping, or backyard gardening. 

Here at Green Promise, we’ve rounded up seven lovely plant gifts to help make gift-giving a bit easier this year (prices listed may change from when this article was posted).  

1. Winter Chocolate Heather

Winter Chocolate Heather

Price: $38.99

Think of how comforting a warm cup of chocolate can be during the long, cold winter days. 'Winter Chocolate' Heather will warm the hearts of friends and family members (or you!) all year long. During the winter, it cloaks itself in soothing chocolate, chartreuse, and golden hues that jump out against the grays and whites of winter. 

When the warmer weather of spring arrives, its foliage changes to green. It becomes orange in summer, and soft lavender blooms line each of the plant's stems by mid-July. 

2. Goshiki False Holly

Goshiki False Holly

Price: $38.99

Have a holly, jolly season with the beautiful Goshiki False Holly.

The Goshiki False Holly shines bright as a part of a holiday decorating scheme, especially in its holiday container that adds elegance to the plant's beauty. With its holly-like foliage, this stunning evergreen specimen will bring joy for years to come!

3. True Blue False Cypress

True Blue False Cypress

Soft and shimmering, the True Blue False Cypress shrub provides a sweet texture and foliage color for anyone’s plant collection. The blue needles offer year-round color and a 'fluffy' look that is one-of-a-kind in the garden. 

Its dense, slow-growing form is ideal in rock gardens, foundation plantings under windows, banks, slopes, or large-scale ground cover. Its dwarf form means no pruning is necessary, but late winter would be the best time to trim.

4. Winter Red Winterberry


Price: $58.99

Give a touch of festive color with the Winter Red Winterberry. True to its name, the Winter Red has deep green foliage and produces a bumper crop of bright red berries in the fall and winter. 

It is especially attractive in the winter. The leaves will drop, making the bright red berries even more striking. It’s easy to care for and attracts birds. 

5. Gold Cone Juniper


Price: $65.99

What is the holiday season without a bit of gold? This juniper offers superb gold foliage color. It also sparkles with an added blue tinge that is subtly shown on the back of each needle. 

‘Gold Cone’ only grows about 3-4" per year, making it ideal for smaller landscape spots or for use in containers. Shines as a brilliant holiday gift and stuns as a colorful addition to your holiday decor, especially with its elegant holiday container!

4. Plant Mug for Plant Lovers

Plant Mug

Price: $15.99

This “Yes, I Do Really Need All These Plants” coffee mug makes for a lovely addition to a gift bundle or as a standalone gift! Your family member or friend can sip hot coffee or tea from this mug while happily viewing their plants. 

7. “Plant Lady” Ball Cap

Plant Ball Cap

Price: $21.97

Have someone on your list who likes working outdoors in the garden? This “Plant Lady” ball cap is as practical as it is fun. 

It’s also a great conversation piece if worn away from home. One size fits all, as the cap has a 7-position adjustable snap-on back. The cap comes in olive or khaki. 

Give the perfect gifts for plant lovers

Gift greenery this holiday season to any plant-loving family members or friends. Shop our entire Holiday Magic collection for more plant gift ideas!

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