Collection: American Beauties Native Plants®

As the neighborhoods we live in have spread over the last few decades, undeveloped, native plant landscapes that support native pollinators have gradually disappeared. This is one the main factors that has led to less pollinators and a real pollinator crisis.  This crisis directly impacts all of us since pollinators are responsible for creating a huge percentage of our food supply. 

Every homeowner can help stem this crisis by planting more American Beauties Native Plants® in their landscape. American Beauties Native Plants® are easy to grow and beautiful, but best of all, they provide the shelter and life cycle needs of native pollinators like bees, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds along with native songbirds better than non-native plants.  Green Promise Farms is proud to offer American Beauties Native Plants® to help you Save The Pollinators and become a pollinator superhero!