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First® Editions

Virtual Violet Lilac

Virtual Violet Lilac


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Brand: First Editions®

Color: violet flowers


  • LIVE PLANT: 'Virtual Violet is a little smaller than most of the full sized Lilacs you might see but it makes up for its compact form with performance that you will love. Its compact form is is approximately 1/3 smaller than most full sized Lilacs meaning it fits better into more confined quarters while loading up with enough bud and bloom to fill a plant twice its size!
  • READY TO PLANT: Loaded with deep colored buds in early May, these buds open to reveal countless towers of raspeberry red, scented blooms by mid May. The best thing about Virtual Violet: it keeps its foliage nearly to ground level, something unheard of with most Lilacs! Arrives fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting. These plants are dormant with little to no leaves late fall to the winter months.
  • POPULAR USES: Virtual Violet will make a gorgeous blooming, highly scented specimen for a large area. If you have a medium sized area close by your house to plant it, you will love being able to go out and trim some spectacular blooms for a vase inside. This selection when grouped will also create a stunning flowering hedge on a sunny property line!
  • PLANTING GUIDANCE: Incredibly cold hardy, Virtual Violet will thrive even in the far north reaches and still bloom dependably. This selection is also an easy care winner needed little additional care to bloom and show magnificently. Like all Lilacs, Virtual Violet is best served by a minimum half day sun area and a location with good air flow for best foliage health. For best results, plant in USDA Zone:3-7 - Mature size: 6-8ft H x 5-7ft W
  • SIZES: This Syringa is delivered right to your home in a #3 Size Container, 3 Gallon.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Product Information
Spread 5-7 ft
Height 6-8 ft
USDA Zone ["3","4","5","6","7"]
Genus Syringa
Brand First® Editions
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