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Bloomin' Easy®

Cherry on Top™ Sorbaria

Cherry on Top™ Sorbaria

Sorbaria sorbifolia Cherry on Top™

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Brand: Bloomin' Easy®

Color: White Shades


  • Amazing red seed pods
  • Unique foliage
  • White blossoms in the summer
  • Loves the sun

Details: With the improved Cherry On Top™ Sorbaria, experience this plant’s classic foliage beauty, with the added benefit of the perfect topping to complete your enjoyment. After the white plume flowers finish, savor clusters of bright, fresh-looking red seed pods instead of the traditional dried brown seeds. This extends the seasons of beauty you can enjoy through summer and fall.

Product Information
Attracts Wildlife ["Attracts Songbirds"]
Foliage Color ["Green Shades"]
Flower Color ["White Shades"]
Spread 4-5 ft
Height 4-5 ft
USDA Zone ["2-10"]
Genus Sorbaria
Brand Bloomin' Easy®
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