American Beauties: Keep Your Garden Buzzing

American Beauties: Keep Your Garden Buzzing


American Beauties is a brand that offers a wide range of native plants, including trees, shrubs, perennials, and more. Native plants are important for maintaining a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, and American Beauties is dedicated to providing gardeners with high-quality plants that are both beautiful and beneficial for the environment. 

History of American Beauties

American Beauties was founded with a mission to promote the use of native plants in landscaping and gardening. Native plants are adapted to local soils, climate, and wildlife, making them more resistant to pests and diseases, and requiring less water and fertilizer than non-native plants. They also provide food and shelter for native wildlife, helping to create a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

American Beauties partners with local nurseries and growers to provide a wide selection of native plants that are suitable for different regions and growing conditions. They also offer educational resources to help gardeners choose the right plants and care for them properly.

Popular Plants from American Beauties

'Green Twister' - This unique plant is a cultivar of the native sedge plant. It has green and white variegated foliage and is suitable for use as a groundcover or in containers.

'Butterfly Weed' - Also known as Asclepias tuberosa, this plant is a favorite of butterflies and other pollinators. It produces clusters of bright orange flowers that bloom in the summer.

'Amethyst Falls' - This is a beautiful and easy-to-grow native wisteria that produces fragrant clusters of lavender-blue flowers in the spring. It is also more compact and less aggressive than other wisteria varieties.

'Yucca Excalibur' - This plant is a stunning evergreen that produces tall spikes of white flowers in the summer. It is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, making it a great choice for xeriscaping and low-maintenance landscaping.

'Top Point' - This dwarf cedar is a great option for smaller gardens or containers. It has a neat and compact form and produces soft, blue-green foliage that turns bronze in the winter.

American Beauties is a brand that offers a wide variety of beautiful and beneficial native plants. Whether you are looking for unique plants like Green Twister or Yucca Excalibur, or popular favorites like Butterfly Weed and Amethyst Falls, American Beauties has something for every gardener. By choosing native plants, you can help create a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem in your own backyard.

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