6 Colorful Plants for Late Summer Blooms

6 Colorful Plants for Late Summer Blooms

As summer draws to a close, so do specific summer blooms. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy lovely colorful plants from September into early fall. Here are plants that typically grow well in Connecticut this season.  

1. 'Mellow Yellows' Coneflower

Yellow Coneflower

Coneflowers offer long-lasting color, and you can’t go wrong with the beautiful, golden-yellow coneflower. This native plant sports light yellow and golden petals surrounding an orange eye. It is a vigorous and sturdy plant that makes for an excellent cut flower. It attracts pollinators with its nectar but is also deer-resistant.

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2. Mixed Medley of Asters


Asters show out in late summer until the first frost. Get an assortment of multi-color asters with pink and purple shades! These plants with finely textured foliage are covered by many daisy-like flowers in a range of colors. Long flowering with delicate foliage adds great autumn color to the mixed perennial bed. Attracts butterflies!

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3. Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Russian Sage produces rich lavender-purple flowers with oval-shaped, notched leaves from midsummer into fall. This particular sage is early to bloom just like its counterpart 'Denim 'n Lace.’ It’s a slightly taller sage variety with darker purple calyxes and broader leaves.

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4. Autumn Joy Stonecrop


If you can’t tell by the name, Autumn Joy Stonecrop looks lovely in late summer through autumn. Gray-green buds arrive in spring, growing to large, bushy broccoli-like plants come summer. Pink flowers in August turn deep mauve-red in the fall. Butterflies love this plant!

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5. Firefinch Coneflower


Blooming all the way up until the first frost, this incredibly colorful coneflower is a mixed strain showcasing shades of red flowers, including reddish-orange and pinkish-red. It’s a shorter plant that’s perfect for small spaces. Grow in sunny and hot locations with well-drained soils. 

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6. Orange You Awesome Coneflower

Orange Coneflower

Bright and beautiful, this coneflower blooms large, tangerine-orange flowers with dark cones. The blooms sit above dark green leaves. Leave the flowers intact into winter to watch birds come to eat!

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Get Late-Summer Blooms

Plant these beauties today to enjoy the stunning colors they still have to offer. Check out more plants from Green Promise Farms here

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