Bloomin' Easy: Easy-to-Grow and Stunning Plants

Bloomin' Easy: Easy-to-Grow and Stunning Plants

Bloomin' Easy: The Brand Behind Easy-to-Grow and Stunning Plants

If you're looking for beautiful plants that are easy to grow and maintain, you may have already heard of Bloomin' Easy. This brand is a go-to source for gardeners who want stunning plants that are easy to care for, and it has quickly become a respected name in the horticulture industry. 

A Brief History of Bloomin' Easy

Bloomin' Easy was founded by a group of horticulturists who shared a passion for creating easy-to-grow and stunning plants. They focused on breeding plants that were low-maintenance, pest-resistant, and offered consistent and reliable performance. They also put emphasis on selecting plants with unique and attractive flowers, foliage, and form.

Since then, Bloomin' Easy has grown into a leading brand that supplies plants to garden centers, landscapers, and homeowners across North America. Their products include shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses, among others, and they continue to introduce new and exciting plants every year.

Popular Plants from Bloomin' Easy

One of the reasons why Bloomin' Easy has become so popular is because of the quality and diversity of its plants. Here are some of the most popular plants from Bloomin' Easy:

Lavalamp Candelabra Hydrangea - This hydrangea is a stunning plant that produces large, cone-shaped blooms in shades of pink, white, and green. It is a compact plant that is perfect for small gardens or containers, and it blooms reliably every year.

'Firefly Nightglow' - This shrub is a beautiful and unique plant that produces bright yellow foliage that turns deep red in the fall. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate a range of growing conditions, and it is also deer-resistant.

'Maroon Swoon' - This shrub is a beautiful addition to any garden, with its unique deep maroon foliage and pink summer blooms. It is a low maintenance plant that is also disease resistant.

'Lavalamp Moonrock ' - This unique hydrangea produces beautiful blue-green foliage and large, rounded blooms that gradually turn a pale pink as they age. It is a hardy plant that blooms reliably every year and requires minimal maintenance.

'Stunner' - This weigela is a stunning plant that produces bright pink flowers and dark purple foliage that remains colorful throughout the season. It is a low maintenance shrub that is perfect for borders, and it blooms continuously throughout the summer.

Bloomin' Easy has earned its reputation as a brand that offers easy-to-grow and stunning plants for gardeners of all levels. 

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