5 Spring Plants That Solve Problems

5 Spring Plants That Solve Problems

Spring plants aren’t only beautiful and smell lovely – they can also serve important purposes in your landscape!

 Whether you’re struggling with deer munching in your garden or annoying mosquitoes, learn more about our favorite spring plants that solve common problems in Connecticut. 

1. Keep deer away with the New England Aster

New England Aster

Deer aren’t fans of fuzzy flowers or leaves, which makes the New England Aster a wonderful addition to your landscape. 

This plant grows button-like flower buds by early August. These buds open to reveal 1-2" diameter rose-colored petaled, yellow-centered daisies. Unlike deer, other wildlife loves the plant. 

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2. Create privacy with the Winter Gem Boxwood

Winter Gem Boxwood

Sometimes, you want a little privacy in your yard from the neighbors. Use plants like this one to create a natural fence.

The 'Winter Gem' is one of the easiest of the Boxwoods to grow and prune. In fact, a couple of light trims in season will encourage a neat compact form that will serve it well.

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3. Plant Periwinkles in shady areas


This plant blooms with stunning purple flowers. It makes an excellent ground cover for areas that don't get much sun!

Periwinkle displays rich green shiny foliage year-round and a great texture that is a definite landscape plus. Loaded with blue flowers in the spring, this plant prefers moist but well-drained soil.

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4. Attract pollinators with the Ruby Star Coneflower

Want more pollinators to visit your yard? Outstanding bloom and seed production make the Ruby Star Coneflower and other Coneflowers a pollinator magnet!

This selection boasts daisy-like deep pink flowers with greenish center cones shaded orange, producing a season of color from June through August. 

Native pollinators and butterflies love this plant, and it is essential for any native, pollinator-friendly garden.

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5. Repel mosquitoes with Provence Lavender


Mosquitoes aren’t fans of gorgeous lavender because of the natural oil it produces called linalool. This makes Provence Lavender an excellent plant to add near your home. Bountiful, long spikes of lavender-blue blooms over bluish-green evergreen foliage spring through fall. 

Though rot-resistant, this lavender will definitely have increased performance in well-drained soil. This plant is also deer-resistant!

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Let these plants help you

You can’t beat practical and beautiful! Take advantage of the various benefits spring plants have to offer. Want to see more problem-solving plants? View all of our plants here. To learn more about native plants and our partner American Beauties Native Plants, read more here.

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