Live plant from Green Promise Farms incisa 'Crispa' (Cutleaf Stephanandra) Shrub, 2-Size Container, Green Foliage

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Brand: Live plant from Green Promise Farms

Color: green foliage


  • LIVE PLANT: Large space to cover?? Cutleaf Stephanandra is the plant for you! With its aggressive growth, this plant certainly can cover some ground!
  • READY TO PLANT: With all that growing power, it's a good thing that Stepanandra adds so much to the landscape in the form of great foliage texture, deep green foliage color in the spring and summer, superb yellow fall foliage color and a mounding, flowing form that is pleasing as well as effective. Arrives fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting. These plants are dormant with little to no leaves late fall to the winter months.
  • POPULAR USES: There is not doubt that Stephanandra is one of the more aggressive growing plants you can plant. It is the perfect selection for a large area or precipitous slope that is in need of erosion control. The fact that it also spreads via stolons underground, means that it quickly can bind the soil and hold it while looking graceful with its arching branches and deeply cut, highly textured foliage.
  • PLANTING GUIDANCE: Stephanandra is easy to grow and extremely hardy making one of the most foolproof plants you can grow. Be sure to plant it in a place that has room to move and spread…it is not a plant that will do well in a small or confined area. For best results, plant in USDA Zone:4-8 - Mature size: 2-3ft H x 5-7ft W
  • SIZES: This Stephanandra is delivered right to your home in a #2 Size Container, 2 Gallon.

Binding: Lawn & Patio