American Beauties Native Plants - Physocarpus 'Center Glow' (Ninebark) Shrub, orange foliage, #2 - Size Container

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Brand: Green Promise Farms

Color: Yellow/green/Red/Purple


  • For best results, plant in USDA Zone:2-8 - Mature size: 4-6ft H x 4-6ft W
  • Plant is delivered in a #2 Size Container. It is fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting.
  • Striking orange foliage covers the branches of this fast growing deciduous shrub. Flattened heads of small flower buds open in early June to reveal pinkish-white flowers that attract native pollinators and butterflies.
  • Easy to grow, extremely hardy and pest free. Deer resistant. Thrives in poor, sandy soils. Outstanding when grouped to form a hedge or barrier planting
  • Native songbirds love the cover and nesting this plant provides

Publisher: American Beauty

Details: PHYSOCARPUS OP. `CENTER GLOW` An incredible mix of toughness and beauty, this new selection of a tried and true native will enhance your landscape with very little effort from you, other than putting it in the ground! 'Center Glow™' grows quickly and densely with foliage color that will keep your attention throughout the growing season as leaves emerge a glowing yellowish-green and then darken to a stunning reddish-purple, providing a color contrast that is impossible to ignore. Leaves are tightly packed on its bulky, round form providing protection and nesting for a wide array of birds and garden critters. Its early June, wide, flattened heads of small, white tinged pink flowers are an abundant nectar source for native insects. 'Center Glow™' is pest free, tolerant of very poor, infertile soils and makes an abundantly attractive specimen, or can be used in groups to create a stunning border planting. #1 container 6-8"

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Package Dimensions: 32.0 x 11.7 x 11.7 inches